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Most queries are answered below. If yours are not then e-mail the address at the bottom for a personal reply within 24 hours

How do I see your prices?
We really want you to see them so just give us a few details 
and we will then email you a password so you can access our prices and shop online using our Cart, usually within 24 hours. Register here.

Do you offer further bulk related discounts?
We believe you cannot buy this quality of item anywhere else for less, no matter how many you buy. If you do, or think you can, then please get in touch with us to discuss. Please note: the quality of our items is vastly superior to the general Chinese product.

How much will I pay for shipping?
Upon receipt of your prospective order we will advise you as to likely weight and volume of your shipment.. Viable shipping options and estimated costs will also be indicated. Note : Bestvaluebeads offers shipping "at cost" as part of our service. At this point your order is still unconfirmed and you are under no obligation to proceed.. Should you confirm your order, we can totally organise the shipping for you so you don`t need to be involved.

What are the shipping options?
We ship Full Container Loads (FCL), Less than Container Loads (LCL), Air Freight and Courier. It all depends on the weight of your shipment and how soon you need it. We have a lot of experience in this area and can take care of it for you.

Your minimum order quantity (MOQ) is too high for me, can you lower it?
At 50 or 20 strands per item (dependant upon line), our MOQ is already extremely low for a bead manufacturer.  

I don`t have a business yet. Can I buy? 

Can you explain your measurements?
All measurements are in millimeters and are in the format of "Width by Length" where length is the dimension that is the same as the direction of the hole through the bead. Flat beads are "Thickness by Width by Length".  Further details about measurement format, hole size and conversion into inches can be found on the Measurements Page.

What are the Hole Sizes?
Wooden beads 8mm and larger have a minimum hole size of 2mm. Wooden beads 5/6mm have a 1.5mm hole, while 4/5mm has a smaller hole and is intended for nylon use only.
Horn & Bone has a 1.3mm hole.  Salwag & Buri have a 1.5mm hole minimum.
Shell and Coco hole sizes vary dependant upon item, from 0.7mm upwards.
If hole size is critical then please specify it at time of order. Special hole sizes can be accommodated as per your request.

Are all your items lead free?
Yes, all our dyed items satisfy current CPSIA regulations and California Proposition 65.

Can you dye PANTONE Colours?
Yes, we can. Please just email us the codes you would like. Please note that colours are not truly represented in electronic mediums and that we dye to match our master samples or PANTONE cards and not as they may appear on a computer screen. 

Can you fulfill custom orders or meet special packaging requirements?
Certainly. We can produce beads according to your specifications - material, shape, size and design. Additionally, whether you require a different strand length, a new colour, a change in packaging or attachment of hangtags or barcodes - all of this can be accommodated. Just specify your requirements for a quote. 

Can I request samples?
Yes, we can send sample beads free of cost on a freight collect basis on your courier account. Please note that we are inundated with requests and so restrict this to corporate accounts only. Our photos are clear so samples generally are a waste of time anyhow. Once you have received your first shipment all your fears will dissipate.

Do you charge for packing, handling, obtaining of necessary export certificates, export document processing or anything else?

I have several matters I`d like to discuss. How can we do this?
Due to the large time difference email is best. Email us.  You can call us on (+63) 908 512 1079.  Our local time is GMT + 8hrs. 

How do I pay?
We have local bank details in the US, the EU, the UK, Australia etc, so you can pay in your local currency. You can therefore avoid the fees of an international transfer. Full details are included in your Proforma Invoice. 

How do I import the goods?
Should the goods be shipped by courier then the courier company will clear your goods through customs for you and pay any associated duties on your behalf. They will then deliver your shipment to your door and at that time collect from you a refund of any incurred duties.

For Air and Sea Freight we can also organise the shipment to your nearest Port for you, should you so desire. However you will need to organise the clearance of your goods through Customs. It is important that this is handled correctly and the services of an Agent should be sought for it.

As mentioned above, we work closely with clients to ensure that shipping and importation occur smoothly.

Are your exotic woods genuine?
Yes. We urge everyone who presently imports exotic wooden beads from other suppliers to take a stanley knife (box cutter) and take a slice off the surface of the beads. Is it a lighter colour or white inside? Unfortunately many exporters do not share our principles and ship faked products to the customer. 

Can I order black Ebony? 
Please be aware that the colour of ebony wood varies alot. Usually it is a dark brown with streaks of black although it can also be a lighter brown, almost pinkish colour. We can not accept orders for only black ebony. 

Are your metallic colours dyed?
Metallic colours are sprayed onto the strand. As a result there will be a small area around the hole which remains unsprayed.

Will everything in my cart be lost if I log out?
No. The items remain in the cart until your order is submitted, or until they are removed by pressing the corresponding red delete button.

I want to place an order but not on line, how can I do this?
You may send us your standard company`s PO or just email us a list. 

Why don`t you have a testimonials page?
Because you wouldn`t believe the feedback we get about our quality. Thats not cheesy sales talk - just the truth. Try us.


If you still have a question please email us at sales@bestvaluebeads.com or use our contact form here.