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Prices are all online and accessible if you obtain a Password. You may then use the intelligent online cart to select your items and submit your order. You do not need to finish this is one sitting as the items will remain in your Cart. 

Online you are shown the price per strand and also an equivalent price per bead to help you calculate. In your cart you are also shown the total weight of your selected items - useful if you are considering an air shipment. 

If ordering online, simply enter the quantity you desire and press "Add to Cart". You will remain on the same page and can continue your selection. The "View My Cart" button is at the top right of your screen. When you submit your order you will be told if any MOQ requirements have not yet been satisfied and assisted by the intelligent cart.

Once you have successfully submitted your order you may immediately download a copy of your Order (with images) in a choice of file types, or alternatively wait for the Order Acknowledgement to be emailed to you.

Subsequently, a Proforma Invoice (with images) will be emailed to you, usually within 24 hours, along with estimated weight and volume of order, plus viable shipping options and their associated estimated costs. Note that at this stage you are under no obligation to proceed. To confirm your order, please sign the P.I. and return by fax or email scan.

Alternatively you may send us your standard company`s PO or ask us to send you an order form. Our details are on the Contact Us page.

Production will commence upon receipt of a deposit of 50% of the Proforma total. This can be sent by T/T, or via Paypal for smaller amounts.

After its receipt we will contact you to ascertain all necessary details for a smooth execution of the export/import process.

During your order`s production we shall maintain fast and accurate communication with you. We are a Western managed business and are familiar with your concerns. 

Once your order has been produced, QC`ed and packed, we will then send you the Final Invoice for payment of the balance. This may include prepaid shipping costs if that is how you decide to ship. We regularly take care of shipping for our customers via our Freight Forwarder and do so at cost as part of our service. For further information on shipping see FAQ.

Prices are in USD on a FOB Cebu, Philippines basis. Freight/Shipping costs are therefore additional and are the responsibility of the customer as are any duties, taxes and fees that might be levied by the jurisdiction to which the goods are being imported, together with compliance with all its regulations.  

Further info can be found in Terms & Conditions. Customers should contact Best Value Beads Inc if they have any questions pertaining to their wholesale beads that they are interested in purchasing, or about our business procedures.