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All measurements are in millimeters (mm). For inches see the Conversion Table below.

The format of measurement used in regular beads` descriptions is "Width x Length", where length is the dimension that is the same as the direction of the hole through the bead, eg. Oval 10x20, has and a width of 10mm and a length of 20mm.

 Flat beads are in the format of "Thickness x Width x Length". See diagram, eg Flat Oval, 6x17x26mm, Palmwood.

Wooden Beads measurement

Some items have a slashed format such as 4/5. This means that the width of the beads is between 4 and 5 mm. Length for Heishi beads and Square Cut beads is not specified due to variance in the thickness of the natural item, eg sea shells and coconuts.

The size of Donuts is given by "diameter of donut / diameter of hole", eg 40/28.

Hole sizes for wood is generally 2mm although for small items like 4/5mm round it will be smaller and intended for nylon use. If hole size is critical then please specify it at time of order. Special hole sizes can be accommodated as per your request.

Hole sizes for other items vary from 0.7mm upwards.


Conversion Table

All bead measurements are in millimetres (mm). There are 25.4 mm in one inch. To convert from mm to inches multiply by 0.0394, to convert from inches to mm multiply by 25.4, or just use the conversion table below.

Conversion Chart


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